Client Testimonials

Read a thank you from the the Fuchs family to Larissa and others involved in designing and delivering a special Brazilian Carnival-themed celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas. Click Here


I want to tell you that everything went perfect. Everyone at the party was amazed. They said it was the finest party they have ever been to. Everything was beautiful and went totally smoothly. You did an unbelievable job!!! Tatiana really out did herself, as well. Ralph Wilder was great, the band was amazing.

Elena Mostovoy

I had my wedding November 27, 2002. The very next day, I woke up from a whole year of preparations. It was only then I realized how much work, effort and love Larissa had put into an entire year of standing by me to make sure that the most important day of my life would truly be PERFECT. Instead of "Good morning, honey", the first words that came out of my mouth the morning after were "We could not have done it without her." I am not Larissa's daughter, but she made me feel like one through the course of the year, because only a mother could truly care the way Larissa did. The amazing part is that I was not the only bride-to-be in her extremely busy schedule. Yet, I had to remind myself of that because she never did. Phone calls at 6:00AM or at 11:00PM, Saturdays, Sundays, all the driving around and running around never wore Larissa out. This woman's energy is amazing and she found a way to pass it on to me. On the day of my wedding, I was one prepared bride. I was not nervous, I was not lost and I had a blast. In case I forgot to mention, everything went PERFECT. Why? Larissa.

Lana Goldshteyn

The single smartest thing we did in planning our October 5, 2002 wedding was hiring Larissa as our coordinator. Not only did she perform fantastic balancing acts, but she also single-handedly pulled off quite a successful wedding of 250 guests! Extraordinarily capable of wearing many hats, Larissa was our expert at suggesting a myriad of vendors: bakeries, florists, bands, etc. She seems to know everyone in town, and we certainly felt more comfortable going into a meeting with a vendor she suggested. After choosing several of the vendors she recommended, Larissa professionally handled the contract negotiations on our behalf. Despite the fact that these were companies she recommended, we always felt that she had our best interests in mind first. She really knows how to make a dollar stretch. Also, Larissa's attention to detail was unlike anything we've ever seen. Being a detail-oriented person myself, I couldn't believe all the little things we missed that would have gone unnoticed had we not had her set of eyes combing through everything several times. What sets Larissa apart from everyone else in the event coordinating business is her innate ability to turn something from a standard party to an all-out upscale gala. With a few budget constraints, Larissa made artistic suggestions that not only saved money, but were unique and creative as well. There is no way our wedding would have been the affair it was without her input and expertise.

Ms. Diana Shkolnik & Mr. Jon Marcus

I am writing that letter to recommend Larissa for a bridal consultant. She really made big impressions on me. People still give me compliments after 2 years about my Wedding! Larissa had an integral part and assisted me in all phases of the planning it. This meant very detail-oriented work such as color, fabric and other selections. In addition Larissa would go out of her way to find materials to be used for my wedding that matched my Victorian theme. In all aspects of her work, Larissa is enthusiastic and committed. And that is rare.

Tina Koukoutsakis - Ross

Larissa's role in our wedding was essential , as she helped create the style and elegance we wanted and I dreamed of, while making sure everything was timely and orderly. Event my father owns a banquet hall , we still could not do without her. My wedding was a dream come true!

Thank you, Larissa again.

Lora Grand

It was a second Wedding in our family and of course we called Larissa again. She was consultant for my Wedding on September 15,2002.She assisted me with every possible details of planning my wedding, never mind her sweet table, which was out of this world! Her creativity and knowledge is impressive. Her attention to detail made me feel that my wedding was unique. This was evident especially in the selection of the linens, flowers and sweet table. I highly recommend Larissa for any event planning and will continue to refer her to others. And if my other sister not going to marry in Greece, Larissa will plan her wedding too, I am sure!

Niki Koukoutsakis

When my now husband, Taras, proposed to me some time in March of 2000 , it was the happiest day of my life and then came the agonizing fear of planning a wedding for 200+ guests. I tried everything from books to magazines to bridal shows and still saw no light at the end of the tunnel, everything just seems to snowball. I could not find a hall, I could not find the caterer, I could not find the florist I liked and then I was introduced to Larissa. She took over everything. In the matter of days we had the hall, the caterer and florist, the table linens, chair covers etc. Finally for the first time I actually felt as a bride, like all this was off my shoulders! I don't know what I would have done if I never met her. She was my rescuer in the time that I needed her most and not just for planning advice. She was a shoulder to cry on when I needed one, she was an ear to listen to me when no one else would and she was the one that put things in prospective for me when I did not see it. She did it all. We were married in November of that year and I am forever grateful to her for making my wedding day the most beautiful and memorable event in my life.

My twin sister already booked Larissa for her 2003 wedding too.

Marina Dobrovolsky

Larissa! Our sweet table stole the show! The table has and will be the talk of all weddings, for years and years. The delicacies tasted as great as they looked. You are an artist and we will never be able to thank you enough for making our day so special and making us so proud.

Next is our baby's baptism. Can't wait.

Love ... Eleni and John

The sweet table was breathtaking! It created a unique and romantic ambiance through the whole room. The abundance of candles lit the whole table on "fire" and made balloons, statutes and chocolate mousse tarts glow. The table was truly magical.

Better than I imagined!

Lora and Maxim

What a wonderful surprise! Everything was delicious! The sweet table was the hit of the Christening. We now have set a tradition to do it for each of our children!

Thank you for such wonderful service!

Beth and Ed Christansose

The table was delicious. Everyone enjoyed it because there was hardly anything left! I loved my Bat Mitstvah!

Thank you, Allison Blednitsky

An outstanding design with exquisite taste. Attention to details , endless fantasy and love for what you do !!!!!! We consider yours an absolutely fabulous service!

Thank you again, Angela and Johnny

If you want a beautiful, tasteful and elegant wedding, Larissa is absolutely the must have person to plan your wedding. My husband and I wanted to be creative and do something different for our wedding. We just did not want to be part of a "package" that so many wedding coordinators have to offer. Yet, with two time-consuming jobs, we knew we could not accomplish what we wanted on our own. Larissa's exquisite taste and wealth of experience made our wedding so incredibly beautiful that we are still getting calls from friends and family to get Larissa's number so they could plan their events with her. However, helping us to have a gorgeous wedding is the least Larissa could have done. Her unconditional help and advice, any time of the day and night, her unbelievable connections that helped us get the lowest prices on everything, and her amazing knowledge and love for this business absolutely overwhelmed us. She became a friend for life.

Larissa, thank you... thank you... thank you...

Alex & Lana Goldshteyn

Dear Larissa!

When my daughter announced her engagement I didn't realize how much work and sleepless nights are ahead of me. We started to plan the wedding. Since this is the first wedding of the new generation in our family, I didn't have help or advise from anybody. And so the struggle began. We made reservations, then cancelled them, then made reservations again. It was an unknown road for us. But when the time came to order the sweet table things have changed. The first time my daughter and I came to see you about 1 year ago, we knew that we are dealing with a highly professional businesswoman. When we got in the car, we both said, that this is one of the few things that we are sure about and will never have to worry. It proved 150% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We enjoyed working with you tremendously. The sweet table that you've designed for our wedding was OUT OF THIS WORLD. People call me all the time and talk about the SWEET TABLE. Thank you so much for making this special day even more special. I will recommend your work to everybody that is interested in SWEET TABLE DESIGN and more.

Once again, thanks a lot and God bless you.

Sasha and Sima Frenkel

Thank you for making us such a lovely sweet table. You truly have a "sweet" touch!

Thanks again, Anna and Dr. Bryan Rogoff


I just wanted to thank you for all your help to make our wedding day so beautiful and unforgettable!!! The sweet table was awesome and very impressive. The room was gorgeous! You helped us plan a wedding "Out of this world"!

You are absolutely the best!

Raya and Zhenya,
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Ernst & Young, LLP